Samarkand International Airport

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Samarkand International Airport is the second busiest in Uzbekistan (after Tashkent). It welcomes over 800,000 passengers a year. The airport is located in the northern part of the city at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level.

In 2022, a new terminal was put into operation, capable of serving 1200 passengers per hour (instead of 400 previously). The terminal building is made in the form of an open book, which symbolizes the main work of the great scientist Mirzo Ulugbek "The New Astronomical Table of Kuragoni". There are constellations glowing on the roof of the terminal, which can be observed during take-off and landing of an aircraft in the new airport as a bonus for arriving and departing passengers.

The air-terminal complex has all types of services that meet all international standards: VIP and CIP halls, a mother -and- child room, a first-aid post, air ticket offices, long-distance and international communication services, bars, a restaurant, a currency exchange office, duty free shops. The distance from the airport to the center of Samarkand is 8 km and one can get to any point of the city both by taxi and by city buses.