Wellness Park Hotel IV

Post-Covid-19 infection rehabilitation and prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases
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Wellness Park Hotel Turon: Pulmonology Center

The hotel’s interior design was inspired by the artworks of Persian miniature painter Kamoliddin Bekhzod, who lived in the 15th century. Same as Alisher Navoiy he is the greatest artist of the Timurid period. The interior design concept combines contemporary style interspersed with miniature techniques, including the artist’s artwork fragments.

The hotel’s programs focus on the treatment and prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases and post-Covid-19 rehabilitation. Guests can benefit from the following specialists: pulmonologist, neurologist, exercise therapist, pediatrician, allergist, otorhinolaryngologist. Special treatments include salt chamber, hydrocolonotherapy, immune-enhancing therapy, autogenous plasma therapy. Guests may also benefit from aesthetic and cosmetic services, massage, mud therapy, healing shower, infrared sauna, inhalations.

The offered wellness programs are designed for 3 or more days of stay.

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