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It is a universal resort for commercial, cultural, medical, and gastronomic tourism. This large-scale project, which symbolizes new Samarkand and new .

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Hilton Garden Inn Afrosiyob

Hilton Garden Inn Arrosiyob is a modern hotel with a historical name fr om the Hilton chain, situated in a unique location along the Central Asian Rowing Canal.

The hotel's rooms and design draw inspiration from the works of poet, artist, linguist and statesman Alisher Navoi, the eminent figure of Uzbekistan's XV century. His profound impact on Uzbek culture is reflected in the hotel's concept, wh ere guests encounter wall panels adorned with calligraphy, depictions of Navoi's poems, and historical narratives.

The hotel's medical center specializes in guest health diagnostics and studies. Here, you can enhance your vitality, reduce stress and fatigue, improve your appearance and skin condition, and develop a strategy for a healthy lifestyle. Innovative diagnostics include comprehensive daily monitoring of ECG, blood pressure, bicycle ergometry, genetic skin testing, research on the genetics of intestinal microflora, and testing for food tolerance. The hotel employs a team of specialists, including an endocrinologist, neurologist, therapist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, cardiologist, urologist, gynecologist, ultrasound doctor, and cosmetologist.

Medical examinations encompass ultrasound, cardiac examinations (Holter, ECHO-cardiography, laboratory diagnostics). Beyond doctor's and treatment rooms, guests have access to cosmetology services, massages, mud treatments, therapeutic showers, infrared saunas, and baro-chambers.

The hotel's wellness programs are tailored for stays of three days or more.

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Wellness programs

The program "Antistress". Hilton Garden Inn Afrosiyob

Your beauty

Weekend program. Hilton Garden Inn Afrosiyob

Men's health

Women's health

The program "Your health"


Standard room

From 85.44$

Standard room with canal view

From 99.35$

Standard room with a mini-kitchen

From 154.98$


From 189.76$


Hilton Garden Inn Afrosiyob

The hotel’s design was inspired by the creative and scientific works of the greatest Uzbek literary figure, artist, linguist, and statesman, Alisher Navoiy, who lived in the 15th century. He had a strong influence on the culture of Uzbekistan.


The Eternal City
The Eternal City

This site which occupies 17 hectares accurately recreates the spirit of the ancient city backed up by the history and traditions of Uzbek lands and Uzbek people for the guests of Silk Road Samarkand. Visitors to the Eternal City can taste national dishes from different eras and regions of the country and also see authentic street performances.

Boat rental
Boat rental

The complex’s guest may benefit from boat rental service to have a river cruise along the Rowing Canal or the Eternal City Canal.


Various restaurants located at the complex serve Uzbek and international culinary delights.


The Silk Road Samarkand complex includes two SPA centres offering facial and body wellness treatments using state-of-the-art European cosmetic brands: Valmont and Thalgo. Guests will be treated by experienced professionals from Bali. There are sauna, hammam, ice fountain, and relaxation area in the changing rooms.

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