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Wedding Day at Silk Road Samarkand!

For every couple, the Wedding Day is very important and momentous.
After all, this holiday should be perfect.

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    Silk Road Samarkand Complex offers assistance in organizing this special day for you including the following features:

  • A photo shooting at any location of the Complex, such as, the premises of the Eternal City, the interior of a Hotel Complex, the Parking Area, the Restaurant or a boat.
  • Conducting on-site marriage registrations with the provision of premises (registration will be discussed separately).
  • Holding banquets, ceremonies and cocktails on the territory of the five-star hotels of Samarkand Regency Amir Temur and Silk Road by Minyoun and the "Great Samarkand" Restaurant in the heart of the Eternal City.
  • Assistance in organizing a marriage proposal at any location of the Complex. For example, on a boat during a river walk.
  • The cost of a wedding photo shoot starts from 5,500,000 sums.
  • To clarify the possibility of providing us with a photographer and getting more detailed information on all the listed services, kindly call +998 55 705 70 60.